NARS Powermatte Lip Pigments | Lip Swatches + Review


NARS is dropping a brand new liquid lip! Check out lip swatches of all 20 shades plus a full review and all the product info 💋 Thanks for watching!

All the shades in one swatch on my Instagram page:
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Get It On*
Slow Ride*
Low Rider*
American Woman*
Save The Queen*
Walk This Way*
Warm Leatherette*
Give It Up*
Get Up Stand Up*
Light My Fire*
Don’t Stop*
Under My Thumb*
London Calling*
Rock With You*
Wild Night*
Done It Again*
Paint It Black*

NARS Online Exclusives
Just What I Needed*
Just Push Play*

Check out some of my favorite things on my own Amazon Store! *

What’s on my eyes?
The Balm Nude Beach Palette

What’s on my nails?
Bettina Cosmetics Hybrid Gel polish in NY Sunset

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  1. I remember the first time I swatch dinars lit pigments in my room I literally spilled it absolutely everywhere almost a whole bottle in my carpet and it’s white carpet…

  2. Oh Gurl; you look fab< in ALL of them, I am loving get it on and just what I needed, AND American woman, Save the Queen is beautiful, dupe for Mac Craving, I love it,, for me,, must try them now! love your vid, so well done! THANK YOU

  3. because of lighting, completely changes the real colors, wrong colors than the real ones i have 3 of them totally diffreent on video

  4. how to apply matte liquid lipstick smoothly?? i tried applying using lip scrub and lip balm overnight and even just before applying but the lines and cracks still appear )):

  5. Nars is in reality not transfer proof nor is the applicators helpful. I own a handful of them and they definitely need improvement in the transfering. I always get them on my food and teeth and everywhere on cups and straws when i eat and the spiky toothpick applicator is so spiky and annoying. Other than that they are good.

  6. Love it so much when you did the swatches! Keep up, cheers for you, don’t know if your lips can handle that much colors 😂

  7. I just bought warm leatherette (sephora sent me a 20% discount and I had to oblige) … I think I looove it!♥ thanks for the review!

  8. Oh my gosh I was shocked when the video started playing because you look and sound so much like Jennifer Connelly!

  9. Are they really transfer proof? I bought rock with you and starwoman and both of them transfer literally to everything my lip touches. 😓

  10. this was honestly the most helpful review and swatching of this product I've seen… by far!  you helped me narrow down what to purchase for my bridal kit. thank you!

  11. I bought Save the Queen as an everyday wear lipstick and love it. I get about 6hrs wear before I need to retouch. Will definitely be buying more shades.

  12. Under my Thumb , Rock with You, but all seem great I just received StarWoman and I love the colour and formula too , thin and pigmented

  13. Wow these look beautiful on you!!! American Woman is my favorite color on you though! <3 Kinda off topic but you are giving me Jennifer Connelly vibes omg you're so pretty!!! Definitely subscribing!


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