i’ve been asked so many times about the lux lipstick family so i thought i would do a whole dedicated video on them! hope you found this helpful 💓

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lux lipsticks:
my review on the original launch:
my review on the mattes:

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lay over, whats your sign?, uno mas, still crazy, foolish, on repeat, dream easy, gallop, hi striker & hello stranger.

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thank you for watching ily


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  1. hi guys!! hope you are enjoying the video 🙂
    i just got the fall collection in the mail yesterday, so that video will be coming soon!
    as for the disney collection, i am planning to pick it up when it launches. i am curious about ur thoughts tho, its such a huge collection – idk if i wanna get the super shock eyeshadows… if you guys REALLY REALLY wanna see the super shock eyeshadows then i might get them to review for u guys! but for sure ill be getting the eyeshadow palette & lux lipsticks!

  2. can you do an updated version of this video?? i recently discovered how amazing and long wearing the lux lippies are (my color rn is la girl!) but they have a lot of new ones

  3. I bought Lay Over because of your recommendation, it's really pretty💜 My favorites are LA Lady, CA Love and Money Moves, which are basically the same terracota shade in different formulas lol I also like Creme Fresh and will order Gallop in a near future lol

  4. Yay I’m glad I went with your recommendations! I bought layover and what’s your sign during colorpops black Friday sale and got them today and they look sooo good 😍😍

  5. My favorite everyday Lux Lipstick is Still Crazy, a mauvey nudish on me.
    I am more of a cool toned person although I am a bit neutral and can wear Yes, please warm toned eyeshadow pallet if I wear orange, for example.
    I really like Angel City which is a bright berry pink on me. I love Hi Striker, the matte red you recommended. I also bought Hello Stranger which is a bit dark but very pretty deep plum.
    Layover and Uno Mas washed me out
    Since I am more of a cool toned person. I am going to spray them with
    70% alcohol, wipe them off and see if my paler skinned friends want them.
    They are very pretty, just not on me.
    It’s a little bit hard to find lipsticks on line or whenever you can’t try them on,
    But they are so beautiful and the quality is great, for the price, so, I guess it’s still worth it, even if all the shades don’t work out.

  6. I have swatched Hello Stranger and I own 27, don't see the similarity that you claim they have at all? Hello Stranger is like MAC Diva and a deep dark red. 27 is like a brownish mauve colour.

    I'm a Fenty Profiltr 320 and MAC C6, my Colourpop Lux top 10 would be;
    1. 27
    2. Liquid Courage
    3. Friends+Lay Over (Lay Over by itself washes me out sometimes, so then I usually add brown to it)
    4. Ghosted
    5. Hello Stranger
    6. JV
    7. Hi Striker

    8, 9 & 10 are Limited Edition and arranged all equally loved by me:
    8. Tiana ( Disney xColourPop )
    9. Brick ( Karrueche x ColourPop )
    10. Chocolatier ( Karrueche x ColourPop )

  7. I'm conflicted because the colour lay over looks light in the close up 2:02 but a bit darker when you zoom out 2:10 :////

  8. Used your recommendations to make my lux lipsticks order today on the 30% off lips holiday sale!! 😘😘

  9. How long does Colourpop shipping take to get to New Zealand? Also is there any customs fees or extra costs when the packages arrive? Love your channel xx

  10. Lay over is my all time favorite as well just because it is so wearable! I also really like Tiptoe when I wear warm or orange toned shadows and I top it with a gloss so it is not to flat 🙂

  11. I had all you had except the last ones which where more of a red hue and that's only because its outside my comfort zone😊

  12. Can you do a review of Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette? I think chocolate bar is too neutral and cool for me.

  13. YES! I love knowing your top ten and favorites!!! It helps me tremendously when choosing what to buy. Thank you, Judy!! 💜💜

  14. Just wanted to say I"m glad I found your channel! I love all your eye tutorials and our makeup styles are very similar (skin tone too).

  15. I haven't gotten the Lux lipsticks yet but this video is making me want to buy all of the shades you recommended

  16. I like Matte ones better for Lux range.. My most fav is THIRD EYE which makes my whole look so pretty, its the perfect nude for me.
    LAY OVER is my fav one from the creme category!
    Will u be picking up Disney collection?? Wanna see some swatches on the lux set!

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