My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!


We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!

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  1. I didnt even realise Apple send out these type of packages. Or is it because of the cancellations of their events?

  2. man you are extremely lucky ; i envy you , i wished the brand new ipad pro and i was waiting my birthday so i can get it , but thanks to the coronavirus story my husband can't buy it for me work is down and our future is a big X no birthday party no gift not even a cake am the most miserable 🙁

  3. Please compare the iPad Pro with the MacBook Air to see if the iPad Pro can replace a regualar laptop. That would be awesome! 🙌

  4. Aple pencil should have been space grey also, i don't get it when accessories are made different from the gadget.😏

  5. Literally put a fake apple keyboard attachment in the thumbnail. Clicked on the vid because I was surprised knowing they don’t come out till May. That’s kinda pathetic he did that

  6. Hey man great videos like always. If you don't need the MacBook air. You know 😀 I can buy it from you. I need one for college but. That one is already open box but I would love to have it. Thanks in advance.

  7. I was definitely hoping for more HW wise especially the screen and SOC but I guess the Miniled screens and 5nm SOC is not quite ready yet so they were forced to get something out there now with another iPad to propably come later the year.

    The new keyboard with trackpad is overdue and very welcome given how long Microsoft has already been doing this. That price thought… wow 🙁

    I really dont think I will ever use the cameras on a tablet that much and for me AR also still feels a bit like a gimmick but more functionality is always welcome I guess and in time maybe some awesome apps will take advantage of this and make it more useful. The better microphones will be great for work calls

    This is really is becoming a laptop replacement and might become my first Apple device. Its everything I hoped Google would do with Android until they fcked it up and decided ChromeOS is the way to go.

    That said, there is still a few things I hope they fix in software and a few HW changes I can dream about

    1. Multi user support like Android has had for many many years. Sharing a device like this in a family is so common. A guest mode too
    2. Output to external screens at native external screens resolution e.g 4k
    3. So happy they support external storage just keep expanding support for more filesystems pls, even if we have to pay for filesystem plugins afterwards
    4. Work with Microsoft and Google to get office/docs feature complete with desktop versions
    5. Keep working on that file browser
    6. So much of the keyboard and mouse settings are split in different places. Hope they bring it all together under one Input Setting Menu option
    7. Final Cut….

    1. A second USBC port would be awesome
    2. I was hoping they would have OLED or MiniLED in this release.
    3. More powerful 5nm A14x SOC


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