MOTD Man United Smashed Man City 2-0 Bruno Fernandes made Solskjaer on Fire 🔥 Pundits Reaction HD


MOTD Man United Smashed Man City 2-0 Bruno Fernandes made Solskjaer on Fire 🔥 Pundits Reaction HD
Man United vs Man City
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  1. I'm utd through and through but hey this is Liverpool's year.fair play.just hope all the players stay safe and we get football back soon.utd, Liverpool arsenal we done it before the foreign money screwed it up.youth academies are the way I hope?

  2. when they were criticizing Ole in those weeks, united did't have any midfielders outside of Fred and Matic, Pogba, McTominey were out long term, there were essentially no back up for defenders with Dalot, Tuanzebe, Bailly, Rojo, Shaw for some time all out, with only back up being Jones, Rashford got injured in that time too. no team can get good results in those conditions.

  3. Ole and his coaching team deserve a lot more credit for their strategic planning and tactical skills – adjusting to the changes in City’s game, quite masterfully. Ole is doing really well and its high time he gets the credit he is due.

  4. Breaking News Folks: Beware Manchester’s 🩸 Red!!! City’s 🩸 is over the whole city!!! Hold on to that Pep!!! ☠️⚰️🤣😂🤩

  5. Bruno was a world class missing piece of the United puzzle. We've got a solid team, We just needed a magician and now we have one.

  6. Why giggs didn't mention pogba is back he only mentioned bailly mctommniy hopely rashford bt he forget pogba what going on we need him imagine Bruno got injured n we sold pogba just lyk da way we sold lukaku and rashford got injured

  7. So far every pundits seems to have made a big deal about the foul (that was a foul ,went through him to get the ball so it's a foul in the modern game.) being soft, yet hardly any mention of Fred being penalised for getting fouled inside the box. I feel sorry for Fred that's two yellows he's recieved in a week, that were not yellow, one was protesting a handball decision given against him on the edge of the box which didn't hit his hand,, and then getting a yellow for a clear penalty.

  8. Loved how when giggs says we’ve got players coming back and doesn’t even mention Paul Pogba 😂 completely been forgot about since Bruno has come in

  9. Not a free kick? What about the free kick that Matic gave away in second half injury time for wining the ball from behind? Don’t see them crying about that one?


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