Marc Jacobs Beauty released the all new products for Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 recently, and I have been obsessed with all the new goodies since. Today, I have all of the new red Le Marc Lip Cremes, and I am going to help you find your perfect shade of red! Let’s get to swatchin’ all of these on my lips!

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Le Marc Lip Creme Oh Miley |
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Le Marc Lip Creme Goddess |
Le Marc Lip Creme Blow |
Le Marc Lip Creme Core Cora |
Le Marc Lip Creme Rei Of Light |
Le Marc Lip Creme Miss Scarlet |

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  1. This was so helpful to me, thank you! I really wanted to pick one of these lipsticks up while they were on sale, but had such a hard time deciding on what shade I should get!

  2. Glad to see an all reds video of these . I know I’m late to the game , but I’m looking for the perfect red lipstick cuz mine was discontinued.😘

  3. I'm from France, and yes you didn't pronounced "Je t'aime" correctly 🙈 the "je" was correct but "t'aime" you must pronounce it like "taim" 😝 btw that means "I love you"

  4. Je T’aime is my favourite colour in the line, it looks to me like if snow white ate raspberrys instead of apples.
    In case you want to know, it's pronounced sort of like jay tem, or j tem. the' t’aime' part is actually two words combined, and you pronounce it as one, and don’t pronounce the e at the end, it means I love you. I adore your videos!

  5. Hi Mallory! AWESOME review! You did a really good job with the details, color, and your own personal opinion on the lippies, GOOD JOB!!!!! You look Fab in all the colors! Keep up the videos! All the best to you 🙂

  6. Do you know if other lines (less expensive) give this kind of guidance for their colors?  It seems really helpful, though you actually wore all of them well.  My coloring isn't so flexible.  

  7. I literally lol'd at your "Goes on like butter, but stays like cement" 🙂   Have always wanted to wear a red lip but was so intimidated trying to find a good one, thank you sooo much for breaking it down by hair color and undertones! Heading to the Sephora site now! Bless you Mallory for sharing your beauty and awesome personality with us!

  8. I am obsessed with the new Marc lipsticks! They wear so well and feel amazing ♥ so many of these shades look amazing on you xoMelissa

  9. love all of your videos!!! You're so pretty!!! Can u do a video talking about your favorite blushes? I'm in need of a new blush, and I kind of have the same skin tone as yours. Thank u!!! thank u !!!

  10. What a trooper for trying them all on! Your lip sacrifice was not in vain! Being a redhead I always have trouble with reds so I loved this!!! I'm a redhead with lots of pink so the undertone is always tricky! Thanks again!

  11. How is it possible that of those reds looked like it as made for you. This video was SO helpful! Thank you so much for posting 🙂

  12. I love your simple eye look today! Je T'Aime looks so so good on you! I cracked up with the "coming down off that scare"! Thank you for the lipswatches 🙂

  13. You have a lot of makeup! I envy you! I would take your used leftovers anytime! Hehe, love you! You should make a updated makeup collection sometime! XO. <3

  14. What a gorgeous bunch of reds!  Although I prefer a deeper red, I usually go for pinky/reds.  Scarlet is really calling my name.

  15. I love the shade 'Goddess'. These look great, I do prefer a slightly more matter finish for bolder shades as my lips are on the smaller side. I will definitely give these a swatch though! I'm in the mood to buy me some new makeup and I have a Sephora tab open on my window.OOPS. 

  16. Mallory I enjoy your videos so much and I really think you're awesome. ….. but could you please please feature some drug store makeup on your channel or even mid end such as mac or something similar? You do so many videos with such high end products (to me) and I would really like to see more things that are more realistic for different people on varying budgets. I hope you are well and you will not be offended by my request!

  17. You are just amazing at reviewing products! Please continue to share your thoughts on Marc Jacobs beauty, I just can't get enough! 

  18. Wow great overview! Im new to your channel and I love your taste! Do you work for a cosmetics counter? Those are quite a bit of colors there! lol Thanks (=

  19. First, I have to tell you how fabulous you look with a neutral eye without heavy liner and a bold lip … stunning!  Oh Miley and Je T'Aime are my favorites.

  20. This was such a fun video! You can definitely pull off any shade of red lip that you want to wear! My favorite reds lately have been Nars Audacious in Marlene (an orangey red) and Rita (more blue-red) and Mac's Diva. A good glossy, bright red is Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in F-Bomb.

  21. I just had to say that I LOVE your hair in this video!  Your hair always looks great but this style just frames your gorgeous face even more.  Just thought I would give you a smile with a compliment.  Keep up all the amazing videos.  As I have said before, you are my favorite!  God bless!  

  22. Ok seriously girl … You can wear every single one!!! I just love you.. So real and laid back … Hope you're feeling good these days… Be blessed sweetie 😘😘

  23. Love this orangey lip & simple eye look for you.  I lurve orangey lips and your lucky your teeth are so white & I know you are a coffee lover.  I'm sipping black toasted coconut coffee right now, I need to lay off this stuff.


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