Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme Lipsticks Review + Lip Swatches


Marc Jacobs Gift Set:

You wanted to see a lip swatch video on the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme Lipsticks and here it is!! Hope you enjoy 🙂


Products mentioned:

Georgie Girl
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Jolly Molly
Je t’aime
So Sofia
Core Cora
Oh Miley!
Rei of Light
Miss Scarlet
Boy Gorgeous

Icing – Charity Vance
Picture Perfect – Charity Vance


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ACCENT: French Canadian
CAMERA: Canon Rebel T3i
Thumbnails: Pic Monkey
Lipstick Organizer: and

Hi there it’s Em and I am a French Canadian Youtuber who makes videos about makeup, beauty, fashion & lifestyle. On my channel you can expect to see makeup tutorials, haul videos, monthly favorites with a mix of drugstore and high end makeup. I love everyday makeup tutorials, back to school makeup. I want to include soon more fashion and do outfits of the day, get ready with me and lookbooks!

FTC- These lipsticks were sent to me for consideration with no agreements or obligations to feature or review. As always all my opinions are honest and my own 🙂


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  1. What the? Do you have a sister who's a booktuber? You have a doppleganger!
    EDIT: NVM I feel stupid now…you're the same person…LOL stupid me.

  2. I lOVED watching this swatch video seriously. Every color looks so good on you. I will check if u have a more recent one I need all the nudes! Thank you

  3. Your makeup isn't heavy or anything but somehow you rock all of these colors, like just wow. Love your smile btw and I do think you look much better with bright colors

  4. Thank you for this review. Finally a YouTuber that actually reviews and swatches the PR packages they get. I've seen a lot of PR unboxings getting the complete collection of so many brands like Mac, Hourglass, Marc Jacobs etc but they never do a full review/swatches of the makeup. I wonder what they do with it. I know some do giveaways and that's great but isn't the purpose of PR packages for review consideration? I guess they didnt get considered. Anyway, thank you and this is very helpful because I can only get this stuff through sephora online and it's difficult to find a shade. Your blog post is very helpful.😗

  5. This video would've been even more helpful if before you put foundation over your lips. Your lips are very red and that often tends to make lipsticks have more of a red tint.

  6. I use it with a lip liner first, and in that way the duration is longer. Love your lipstick swatches and review, you're the best!!!!

  7. Just subscribed! You are so pleasant to watch! Thanks. I think I'm gonna go with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (already have a sample) but it was helpful to see the others an I'm gonna grab So Sofia as well. Thanks for showing us the colors!

  8. I missed 'Slow Burn' shade, is the perfect pinky mauve nude tone, I recieved the small version at sephora and I love it so so so much!

  9. I'm gonna go shop tomorow I Already choose slow burn witch isnt on the video but I plan to add j'adore as well. THanks for the review!

  10. Thanks for such a beautiful video swatch <3 I really love the color shade at 5:51 but I'm not sure what it is. Can you help me pls?

  11. I got a mini of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for my Sephora birthday and I love it so much that I'm getting it full size even though usually the $17 Mac lipsticks are my top lipstick spend amount. I could wear it every day and when I get the full size, I probably will.

  12. What liner would you recommend for under Oh Miley? I've never worn that intense of a red before and want a great liner for underneath! Thanks!

  13. I'm just finding your channel and am so pleased to find you. Your swatches are perfect for deciding shades! Your skin tone and happy attitude makes it easy to love the lipsticks and want to make a purchase. I have been searching for swatches of these lipsticks and just happened upon your channel…then, what to my wandering eyes should find…the perfect shades; Infamous and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Thanks for sharing these swatches and making such a terrific video!


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