Lumia 540 Dual SIM Full Review – Overpriced, Under-performer


Microsoft Lumia 540 Review with a look at its cameras, build quality, display, performance, software and hardware. The Lumia 540 Dual-SIM comes with a 5-inch HD IPS ClearBlack display, quad-core Snapdragon 200 with Adreno 302 GPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras running Windows Phone 8.1 update 2 with Lumia Denim. It will be updated to Windows 10 Mobile.

Timecoded parts of the Lumia 540 Dual-SIM Review:
1. Intro (00:04)
2. Build Quality (00:24)
3. Display (01:18)
4. Network & Call Quality (01:42)
5. Camera (02:03)
6. Music Playback (03:13)
7. Video Playback (03:47)
8. Software – Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 (04:07)
9. Web Browsing (4:52)
10. Performance (05:08)
11. Gaming (05:32)
12. Battery-life (05:52)
13. Wrap-up – Pros & Cons (06:04)

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  1. I need you to tell me how much free space is left in the 1 GB of RAM memory, how much space is left for my use. I need you to tell me how much free space is left in the 8 GB ROM, how much space is left for my use? When Unboking, is already installed fb, Viber, what's up, skipe applications? Thanks

  2. I have Lumia 540 and its battery is not charging above 3% and it is still showing charging when I connect it to my charger I have original charger of this device can someone help me what to do????????

  3. Sir suggest me a latest windows phone which is good for gaming and video playing or will I wait for windows 10 devices?

  4. This review is for all windows based phones, I bought this phone in July, and sold in mid august, I could not bear with this phone even for 2 months. forget about the specs, i will tell u guys about the problem with windows:-

    before you proceed to read further, i would strongly suggest you –
    1. Whatsapp – if u r used to android/ios interface, u will get pissed off with the windows interface, u wont be able to see the pic of who u r sending message. u cant copy multiple messages at once if u want to forward to someone. u have to select 1 message, send it to someone then come back to it, select another line and copy and send.

    2. Contacts – This was the major reason I sold off this piece of non sense, in android, u can search ur contacts with any keyword, u dont have to remember the order in which u saved it, exmple – I have a contact – "Accenture Aman Lama", I save all my office colleagues starting with Accenture, so, when I search Aman, it just wont show up, i have to search with Accenture in the beginning. android on the other hand will sugest u the name if u just typr aman. this was just an example however.

    My friend missed a flight because of this, coz I could not find his number as i did not remember the order in which i saved his name, hence I could not call him in time.

    3. Youtube- Windows phones do not have a native youtube app. it opens up in a webpage, which is even worse than watching it in a laptop (which is extremely nice)

    4. Native video player, unlike android, where u can increase/decrease volume or brightness, by moving ur finger upwards or downwards, windows phones dont allow u to do so.

    5. Calls/Vibration – This phone has the most pathetic vibration feature, if the ringtone is long, it will vibrate for the 1st 3-4 seconds, and be silent for the rest part of the tone. so if u r walking in a crowded market, chances are, 99% of ur calls will get missed as u wont know if someone called u. I called up Lumia customer service, and some 12th pass girl from village answered my call to say – "isme to sir aise hi hai, mein apki complaint note kar leti hu"

    6. Cortana – android and IOS have much better voice recognition, btw, cortana is not available in India, which is the world's largest cellphone market. You have to change ur country and language if u want to use cortana.

    7. Email (gmail) – the interface is like reading an SMS, forget about google like experience, this phone still works in IMAP / POP type interface
    windows is still living in NOKIA type environment

    8. overall UI – android and IOS have left to right swipe mode to browse through the phone. whereas windows has a tiled interface, which is why most apps r just not there, developers find it a waste of time and difficult to make apps for windows.

    9. Truecaller – this one is most important, in android, truecaller will tell who is calling, in windows, you get a notification AFTER YOU HAVE ANSWERED the call. and 90% of the times, it wont even tell u who called, instead it will ask u.

  5. It is not overpriced or under performer for me at least. It got a snapdragon 200 quad core processor with 1 GB RAM which can handle every normal task without freezing. I have bought one and using it for last few weeks. Seen no lag, freezing or over heating. Yes, it got little heat when you play game like temple run/ Subway Surfer for more than 30 minutes non stop and I am think it is normal. As for battery life earlier I have to charge my Galaxy every 3/4 hours on normal use like calling, chating, reading pdfs etc, but with 540 it is now reduced to 7/8 hours, which is better considering it got a 5 inch screen.

    As for over pricing, if you consider you got 540 with "Windows 8.2 Denim Update' and sure update for "Widnows 10" in few months, along with productive apps like Outllok, Facebook, OneNote, BBM Messenger, Skype, maps and a lot of other useful apps (News, Weather, Money, Food, Travel) preloaded and ready to use. Also the Lumia apps like camera, Selfie, Help+Tips, Storyteller, Cinematagraph are unique and delight to use.
    The price seems very reasonable, considering the apps package. I got most of the productive tools in the platform. Also you can easily sync your contacts from Android.
    When I bought the device I also bought the apps along with it. Trust me they are very stable, productive and easy to use.

    As for 640 which has 0.9 MP front camera compare to MP camera of 540. Also 640 comes with a snapdragon 400 quad-core processor with HD video recording where as 540 got a snapdragon 200 quad core processor which can record 720 p videos. Also please remember that 640 is only available in online (not 640 XL, which you can buy in stores), but 540 is available in stores like Mobiel Shop, EZone etc. So, though 540 and 640 cost same, but comparing them is little controversial as both are targeted for different users. Choose the one which fits your usage.

    Last thing, when I choose Jelly Bean Galaxy device 2 years back over Lumia 520, I was right at that time for my needs. 520 was a basic device. But still I have to load many apps for next few days in my galaxy device to make it work for me. But with 540 I was surprised, it got everything I am looking for. And overall I am very satisfied with it.

  6. I want a Windows Phone low-bugdet only for Social Networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), for selfies and web-browsing. What do you recommend me ?


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