L'Oreal Rouge Signature ALL 10 SHADES swatchfest and review | Beauty by Tellie


Here is a completely new formula from L’Oreal! Rouge Signature is only P390 and comes in 10 shades. It’s like Korean new-new age lip tints: matte and soft, strong in color but not fully opaque. It’s more watery than siliconey. Color payoff is more like 90%, but they feel like NOTHING, so if your thing about lipsticks is comfort, definitely check them out!

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  1. OMG. You are so pretty ! I just followed you in Insta , my IG name is Iamfantheysha . Hope to see more from you. Lovelove!

  2. This video was great ate. It is very informative which I think is good since good content videos is what viewers really look into at. Though I noticed that you're lacking in terms of audio quality since parang nageecho yung voice mo. I also want to recommend you to have a good music background and maybe some room designs on your back since mahaba yung video baka mabored yung viewers. Yun lang keep up the good work ate!!!

  3. I suggest you add a catchy intro and outro. Thank you for this chance.

    Hoping to win. Loving the shades.
    Fb: Reyes Eunice
    Ig: iblvircv

  4. I love all the shade pero mas tumatak sakin yung no. 3 nice color😊nice review dn po medyo mabilis nga lang hehe but nagustuhan ko po yung review nyo, I am new subscriber here pero ngaun aabangan ko na kayo lagi, bagay na bagay nio po lahat ng shades😍😘Godbless you po!

  5. Maybe you should add some decorations po kapag nagvlog kayo to make it more appealing to the eye. ☺

  6. Hi po! I do like how you vlog. It is raw and not that kind of “usual” na vlog which is common rn. More lighting lang po ang suggest ko and the sounds. But over all you are so cute and honest po. 🙂

  7. I love this!!!💛 My only suggestion tita tellie, is for you to make unique series here in your channel😊

  8. Please do a no mirror makeup look and/or battle of the best liptint.. Yaay! What I'd suggest is a colorful background and maybe a ring light too if you do have a budget, invest in a good one. But overall I find your video nice plus the fact that you register pretty on it. You do have a good sounding voice so keep it up!! ❤️
    I'm joining so I could try these nice rouge lippies b'coz honestly no budget for a Mom with three kids, hehe.. Anyone can relate to that specially mommies🤣😘
    Ig: @lhaidava
    Fb: Lhai Elardo Dava 💜

  9. Well, technically everybody here commented that you should add music po on the video and zooming in the product etc. But for me po, mga budget friendly make up challenges po na students may attract po. Mostly sa viewers sa youtube is students po eh hehehe. More power to your channel, Miss Tellie 😍😍

    Isa po ako sa sumali sa giveaway niyo hehehe
    ig: monikbella_

  10. Things you can improved on the vid po is the background. Although your background still good, but you can add something to make it more lively and aesthetic. Plus the echo while you're talking. But over all all of you videos are good especially the content, you also speak fluently. I love how you show you personality in every video yet you still managed to be a professional.

    I'll try my luck in this giveaway. As a student i really don't have enough money to buy make up as lip products. And i just started to get into make up by watching vlogs including your. 💓 Thank you for you time. More power to you and your vlog. Wishing you a successful career and God Bless you always. 💓🤗

  11. Me again. Hahaha :)) Shall you have extra budget, you may want to also invest on a good ring light. Place the camera in the middle of the ring light so that the video would have a glow on your face to make your look pop out more. There are ring lights with adjustable light intensity so that it can look natural and not too bright. 🙂

  12. Hey darling! You look good as always! What I can suggest is for you to invest on a good microphone or lapel that you can attach to your camera. This is for your audio to not have any echoes. Also, you may want to add a subtle background music so that the vibe will be more fun. Youtube has free liscensed music they allow vloggers to use. I love how you do your freestyle type of insights or review. Maybe try on keeping them short and simple? You may try to create notes prior to shooting then just talk about your bulleted notes in shorter sentences. Hope these helps you on your future videos 🙂

  13. I think you should add more background design to make it more attractive. Plus add some music and effects na rin. ☺


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