L'Oreal Parisian Sunset Rouge Signature Lip Swatches and Review


L’Oreal has extended the shade range in their #RougeSignature liquid lipstick line with the #ParisianSunset collection and since this is one of my favorite #liquidlipstick formulas I had to lip swatch the new shades for you.

NOTE: Shade selections differ by country and in Singapore there are only 5 out of the 8 or 9 Parisian Sunset shades I saw in other markets. I believe those of you in the USA have the largest range.

The shades I swatched are:

02:36 128 I Decide (bright medium pink)
04:16 129 I Lead (rosy medium tan)
05:19 130 I Amaze (rich orange brick)
06:26 131 I Captivate (deep prune purple)
09:13 132 I Radiate (vibrant coral)

Pat Mcgrath Mothership VI Midnight Sun palette – review and tutorial coming soon!!!

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  1. I bought 5 of the L'Oreal Rouge Signatures from the original line-up (some based on YOUR recommendations) and have not been disappointed by these yet. The new shades from the Parisian Sunset line-up look like they are just as good! Do you have particular favorites??

  2. Great review and tips for application. I love these lip sticks and own a handful of them. I Amaze and I Radiate are 2 of my favorites! Love your makeup look and hair!!

  3. Listen to this girl's tip on how to apply this one bec she nailed it! I have the I Play and I Enjoy but would love to get a hold of that I Lead one. Once again, all the shades looked good on you and are wearable depending i guess on the occasion and the color of your outfit. Your eyes looked smashing btw.


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