Is the 2021 Chevy Trailblazer RS a major LETDOWN?


The ALL NEW #Chevrolet #Trailblazer is here and it come with a lot of surprises. Instead of it being a rugged SUV it has become more of an urban CUV. Under the hood is a choice of (2) inline-3 turbocharged engines with AWD available. It’s exterior shares similar styling to the Blazer and the Camaro in a smaller wrapper. On the inside there is a lot of space for the size and some usable versatility. Has Chevrolet let down the loyal fans of the Trailblazer or will will be pleasantly surprised?
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  1. In order to keep up with the competition this needs to be the trax and the blazer needs to be the new equinox. But lower the price. Then they could compete with Hyundai

  2. Chevy needs a dictionary or someone who understands word meanings & definition because this in no way shape or form institutes off road hence the word "trail" which gives the impression of non paved asphalt roads! Why even create another small SUV instead focusing on upgrading enhancing what you already have!? Waste of time & energy in my opinion! Chevy seems to be very discombobulated lately as far as their direction!! Get some better sedan options with more creative styling to compete directly with Toyota,Honda heck even Hyundai is on a roll lately while GM seems confused or not sure of where their headed!??

  3. This is fugly, this isn’t a trailblazer, it looks like a car…..How are you going to change the bulbs when the led goes out and even those ugly fog lights I guess that’s what they are, hell idk but it’s ugly period, what Chevy should’ve done was use the old body style but have all new stuff inside, now that would’ve been really been cool but this isn’t a trailblazer and again how will anyone be able to change the LED lights when they go out and it will be expensive to fix when all of that computer stuff stops working……so you have to ask yourself, is this new trailblazer actually worth getting??????

  4. I love the way you review but sometimes you say things that really make me wonder if you know what you're talking about. Great vids tho

  5. Eehh I would go with the regular blazer I was expecting the trail Blazer to be bigger than the standard and off road centric but that is clearly not the case should call this the BABY BLAZER

  6. it is called a TrailBlazer.. but it is not meant to go off-road.. Yeah.. gonna be blazing new trails on those paved roads…

  7. They made the Blazer bigger and shrunk down the Trailblazer, I feel like they forgot which one was which in the designing process

  8. Lmfao just stop talking this things is trash its as bad as the blazer horrible 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ my 04 still better then this

  9. The old one was body on frame, some had 4×4 vs AWD and the in-line 6 is kind of a gas hog but performs well. Capable small SUV. If people buy this stupid thing because it’s of the same name…

  10. Review gets zonked for incorrect powertrain information. There is an available 1.3 L 4 cylinder with 155 hp, AWD and 9 speed auto transmission. Don't do a review until you have done research and are prepaired.

  11. Why? Like why do they keep making so many horrible vehicles? It’s like they have shoe sizes, but in car form. 6,6.5,7,7.5, etc. They really need to trim down their lineup and build quality vehicles.


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