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At TED2010, Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world’s energy future, describing the need for “miracles” to avoid planetary catastrophe and explaining why he’s backing a dramatically different type of nuclear reactor. The necessary goal? Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050.

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  1. Bill might have missed a critical factor in his equation. How about we stop destroying the rain forests, and begin regenerating the oxygen giving forests of our home?

  2. Liar. He's already rich…makes me wonder what he's getting out of spreading these lies; of desiring to depopulate the world.
    He has no fear of God. Should he continue on this road of deception, he indeed will discover the fear of God.

  3. WHO stated that Covid-19 was investigated and there was no evidence of human to human contact. Bill Gates funded event 201. It was a simulation of a pandemic. It happened right before coronavirus outbreak in China. After it was discovered of the cover up the WHO quickly got involved to figure things out and thats when they made that claim. Now China is appointed to UN Human Rights Group and Xi Jinping of China even wrote Bill Gates a thank you letter for his work on the vaccine. I cant make this stuff up. Its there. All the facts.

    Makes sense to have a sense of fear regarding vaccines now doesnt it?

  4. 17:25 he kind of gives the game away "I could pick who's president" or "I could pick a vaccine, which is something I love"
    What a weirdo

  5. Not knocking the conspiracy, but this is live, what are the odds of Bill simply misspeaking like humans do. He's speaking for 30 min can you speak that long and get everything right?

  6. This man is the right arm of the anti-christ George Soros and their fellow goons with the Rockefeller institute.

  7. O my gosh I can't bear it anymore. How can people be so ignorant? If bill gates really wanted to kill most of the people in the world do you think he would publicly say it? The man who is smart enough to own microsoft? I normally wouldn't be bothered to write something like this but it's making me crazy that most of the comment section is made up of conspiration theorists. At first i was confused too when he said vaccines and good health care lower the population, but it's actually logic. probably many of you probably aren't familiar with demographic transition, but there's a lot of objective evidence which supports it. In third world countries/poor countries at first the rate of population growth and death are roughly the same; then when these countries reach stage 2 of democratic transition the death rate drops quickly (that's the case in many developing countries), but child labor is still important and children are inexpensive, so the population increases dramatically. Only when the citizens become rich enough to afford contraceptives, salaries increase, and child labor becomes less important to the family does the growth rate start to decline. Health care and vaccines are pivotal to the last phase of the transition, because they lower the death rate of children; continued decline in childhood death means that at some point parents realize they need not require so many children to be born to ensure a comfortable old age. As childhood death continues to fall and incomes increase parents can become increasingly confident that fewer children will suffice to help in family business and care for them in old age. When the number of children born of a woman is less than 2, that's when birth decline stats. If you still don't believe me I can show you a personal example: i live in italy, my grandma had 3 brothers and a sister, since they were a family of farmers their parents needed help working in the fields, and to look after the house. That's different from my parents who wouldn't even consider a third child, since it's so expensive to raise them into adulthood. If you want further information you can absolutely find it, assuming you aren't biased…

  8. If I recall correctly… CO2 is taken in by plants and they put out O2.. So if we have equal increase in people and plants we should be good, right? Why are you multiplying when there's clearly addition and subtraction involved? Oh yeah, because it helps serve the narrative to reduce population on an amusement park island where you are already a ride operator. Come on B, this is ridiculous you could just as easily reduce CO2 to naught by making everything plants and updating industry, or you could pretend you know something and multiply everything all the time only multiplication only always!

  9. This would probably happen as he says it – he is looking like a modern nostradamus using his supercomputer to process probability..

  10. To reduce poverty, you eliminate the Central Bank….which was set up and designed to steal the time and labor of working people. As for the climate change hoax…The Rice Video Climate Change CO2

  11. Ice core samples from permafrost, dating back hundreds of thousands of years prove that CO2 rises when global temperatures rise, not the other way around. It's like saying a pan of boiling water creates fire.

    The causes of global temperature changes are other factors, NOT CO2

    The Sun is the number one factor in global temperature changes, almost to the complete exclusion of all other factors, such as atmosphere and ocean current changes, volcanoes, asteroid impacts.

    Vegetation requires CO2 to exist, and produces O2 as waste material. Hhumans and animals require O2 to exist, and produce CO2 as waste material. It's The circle of life Bill. Not the circle of death that you propose.

    Bill Gates is a eugenicist, as was his Father.

  12. vaccines.. lower population… does not compute. this dude tryna kill us. if Bill somehow miraculously finds a vaccine for Covid19, dont take it

  13. your sick ideas don't give your devilish ideas you think that people are stupid, you don't all do nothing for the good, you want to manipulate and pretend God you will never be because there is only one.

  14. Do people in the audience even understands what he’s saying? Why would they clap for him while he is talking about killing innocent people???

  15. As Martin Armstrong has blogged: "Bill Gates was all on board with Greta, Al Gore, and Greenpeace. Using the coronavirus and demanding we be locked down until at least June, this is a covert means to further their climate change and to subject the world to a new authoritarian regime. What these people have done is beyond contemplation. This is a major global coup all based upon this theory of CO2 which he even admits there is no formula to even pretend if CO2 is X then the temperature will be Y. This has been a plot to destroy society and end the Industrial Revolution. Since Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft and Berkshire Hatheway just before this deliberate destruction of our economy, if he or his foundation sold stock and bond investments ahead of this event he is supporting, that is INSIDER TRADING! He won’t have to worry about the INEQUALITY of wealth, everything he has will be forfeited as a fine to the government. and he will be equal once again and his conscience will be restored." – What say you, Bill Gates?

  16. He was talking about carbon emissions.
    I hate when people take someone’s words out of context and turn it into something else.
    Being part of the truth community means to be responsible, we don’t need to embellish and make up things. We have enough evidence that there is very nefarious things happening in our world. What we absolutely do not need is for someone to take what he said and make it sound like he meant reducing The world population by killing them with vaccines (even though he may very well feel that way) that is not what he was saying here.
    He was talking about CO2 emissions being reduced.
    I’ve had a listen to this several times. I’m tired of the truth community taking that one sentence and making videos about it out of context. This is why we are called “conspiracy theorists“. Let’s just focus on factual and provable information.
    Do vaccines hurt some people? Yes, that’s been proven.
    Was Bill Gates behind event 201? Yes he was.
    Is Bill Gates behind ID 2020? Yes he is.
    Let’s go from there.

  17. You know billy, there are free energy without money, gas, oil,co2 etc… but! You also know who will loose the money of this economic! Your economic is 🎈 and you know that!

  18. What nonsense! He really does think we are very stupid. Humans only account for 3.75% of the tiny amount up there….4.2 parts in 10,000 (420 ppm).

  19. If Bill Gates truly desires to help the transition to renewable energy, he should invest in thorium nuclear energy. Thorium is abundant; safe, you don’t have reactor melt downs, and the waste is small, literally small pellets:

  20. Such a bad luck that we face an accident of nuclear plants in Fukushima attacked by tsunami, one year after this TED talk. Many Japanese are still not feeling right for using nuclear plants because of the influence and challenges we got for that, however politicians or authorities claim that they are needed for zero co2 energy generation. Seriously we need “miracle”s


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