Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out kylie skin. I tried these products out for 2 weeks and these were the results. Leave me a comment down below what you guys thought! Thanks so much for watching & please consider subscribing!

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Products Used:

Foaming Face Wash $24
Walnut Face Scrub $22
Vanilla Milk Toner $22
Vitamin C Serum $28
Face Moisturizer $24
Eye Cream $20


Nguồn: https://hethongvinmart.com

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  1. To the people who always find stuff to complain about, (lol) I had two sets of the face wash… one from the event party and one from the PR package. I kept one in my beauty studio and one in my house. The one in this video is the one from the beauty studio which I rarely used. There’s no tea there guys. I really did all the research I could for y’all to make this an honest review. Thanks for watching and thanks for 90% of the loving comments. You guys are amazing and this message isn’t for you 💕

  2. I feel like this review is kinda bias. I don’t think the entire kit is built to be used every single day, twice a day.

  3. i just bought her whole set and i had to also buy the body set which does come w the sun cream serum. i am a redhead and have dry skin. i rlly hope i like her line lol i love her

  4. I cant tell what type of skin I have. Around my nose it's dry, but everything else is a bit oily. Some products do irritate my skin, like burn a bit. Idk if that considered sensitive skin.?. Lol I need to go to a dermatologist.

  5. I hv a sensitive skin but kylie vanilla milk toner n wall nut scrbs its ok with me n i can even see that my skin is much better than before no more pore n ance problems n im using it 5 already since 2019 august till now n i love it so much n the price is only 125usd cheap n worth 😍

  6. the walnut scrub actually isn’t harmful to the face, 1. you’re not supposed to press down hard when u exfoliate at all, 2. the walnut shells are CUT VERY tiny, and 3. you aren’t supposed to exfoliate a lot of times

  7. Parts of my skin are oily and some ( especially around my chin and in between my eyebrows) are VERY dry, suggestions? I already have the Kylie skin set but I’m scared to use it.

  8. I was taught in esthetic school, toner is actually really great for the skin because your cleanser effects the PH balance of your skin, and a toner brings your skin back to the natural PH balance.

  9. since this video has been uploaded you will be glad that kylie has come out with a sunscreen and face/lip masks

  10. This is my first video watching Nicol cause I came over dr. Drays videos in the search bar and I loooooove her personality!

  11. Vitamin C is actually very good for your skin just because you find vitamin C in citrus fruits does not make vitamin C itself acidic because that it is not

  12. These skincare line is trash period… and 2 weeks is not enough time to review a skincare line, but is trash period.

  13. The only thing that will stop with the annoying comments about your hair is to shave your head and start over. Your hair is garbage.

  14. Loving your content. I’ve been looking for some new beauty youtubers to watch that are pretty drama-free and I’m super happy I found your channel. 🤗

  15. Girl just watched a drama channel talking shit about you…thank them cuz you just gained a follower! 😂😂 all I saw was a sweet bubbly positive person and we should all be a little more like this ❤ love your positivity dont ever change.

  16. Was thinking of starting to start a skin care routine on my face and this video was very informational Nd helpful love this video 💗

  17. I have the olehenriksen walnut scrub, it’s amazing. You are just supposed to be gentle and not go crazy or yeah you could hurt yourself.

  18. Pretty sure there’s no fragrance in the scrub. It’s walnuts. That’s what I’ve heard in other videos. I really appreciate you using this for 2 weeks and then did the review! I have sensitive skin so I’m hoping someone who has sensitive skin will do a review like this.


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