HUAWEI P40 Series Online Global Launch Event


Step into a new era of smartphone photography with #Huawei – live at 14:00 CET Thursday March 26th #VisionaryPhotography #HUAWEIP40
Find more language live here:



  1. Not fitting large things is better, using small equipment to make quality product is better than using super large

  2. We appreciate Huawei is a global brand, but I really hope PR consultants would start to advise their brand spokespersons to ALWAYS speak in their own language and have it translated via captions. I believe Mr. Yu would be an even better orator when he speaks in Mandarin, rather than being commented on his grasp of the English language, which no doubt he may be well versed, but less convincing.

  3. The BEST thing in these phones that it doesnt have the google Service which I call thr FBI agent in my phone 👌👏👏

  4. This “Keynote” is wrong on so many levels. Why shoud you make an YouTube ad that is not helping your brand? Just wondering…

  5. Huawei is the best! No matter what please continue innovating like this. It's amazing how year after year you wipe out the competition. We support you all the way. I am 100% Huawei. I can't wait to get the P40 Pro.

  6. Много стилен,красив.Голям дисплей,голяма батерия,бърз процесор.Лежи удобно в ръката,много функции,харесва ми че не е обвързан с приложенията на Гугъл,с една дума-перфектен…

  7. I've been really impressed with how are you in recent years with a camera technology constantly making over any other smartphone manufacturers. I'm liking the new P S series

  8. Excelente product! Poor presentation like always. He should really leave it to the professionals. The product presentation is vital no wonder very few subscribers compare to other brands.


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