How to Fix A Bad Sector on a Hard Drive


How to Fix A Bad Sector on a Hard Drive

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When a hard drive starts to show signs of wear and tear, you may see one or more bad sectors show up when scanning for errors on the disk, when the hard disk starts to go bad and shows bad sectors, the data may get lost on them bad sectors. Does this mean I have to replace my hard drive? no, the rest of the disk will be unaffected by bad sectors and the hard disk will still be usable. What Victoria can do is scan for bad sectors on the drive and mark them as unusable. If you choose to mark as unusable sector, the Operating System will know not write or store data to them bad sectors. In my personal experience, each hard drive and bad sector error is different from case to case and this method may or may not work for you. If the hardware is damaged bad enough I would suggest you backup what you can and replace the hard disk with a new one.

This software is no miracle worker, but it does work for same hard drive problems. Victoria Software can only fix bad sectors that aren’t physical problems, which means if its related to a software issue that leads the bad sector to be marked as bad. Remember physically damaged bad sectors on the hard drive cannot be repaired.

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