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Look, I tried my best to pronounce everything correctly. Oh and Jaques Brel was actually Belgian, NOT French, my mistake. ENJOY!


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Welcome to Geography Now! This is the first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that’s down the road.

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  1. Oh, no!! You just made a little mistake :Jacques Brel is NOT French. Like fries, he is Belgian. But yeah… Who cares right
    Good work though!

  2. Me arriving in France: Oh I didn't know France still had colonies
    French people: ce sont des TeRriTOires OUtre-mER!!!!

  3. Je t'aime beaucoup la France. Salut du Canada! Pendant l'été, je suis allé à Cannes, c'était très joli et la nourriture était fantastique. Il y a beaucoup de culture et la plage est très belle!!
    Désolé pour mon mauvais français, ce n'est pas ma langue maternelle. Je ne suis pas du Québec, j'ai donc appris le français comme langue seconde.

  4. Watching all the types of food that the French eat during the COVID-19 outbreak, and I'm thinking France is like the European version of Wuhan, China status now, lol! Damn…

  5. Salut de l'Azerbaïdjan! J'aime la France! Je suis venu ici en 2016. Voici incroyable. Je peux aussi dire que j'aime certaines entrées de la France dans le concours Eurovision de la chanson. Par exemple en 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Aime de l'Azerbaïdjan!🇦🇿❤🇫🇷

  6. Bonjour! Je suis français. Great job on your video but something got my attention. It is illegal to make ethnics data in France. There is no official numbers. How did you end up with those statistics? Merci

  7. Completely wrong, we don't eat regularly this kind of food ! We eat beef, pork, chicken and fish like everyone on earth.

  8. Corsica and Savoy have their own dialect because they were in history italian for example savoy was part of sardinia-piemont and was cedded to france after sardinian-austrian war because france helped sardinia and corsica was italian but was conquered by france in 1700 years" and was very franconphinized and defaptly the majority of people living in corsica are originally italian but francophinized

  9. Si comunque non puoi dire che il cibo francese è il migliore dai, sanno fare solo pubblicità loro poi va lì e ti tocca mangiare al mcdonald

  10. 5:48 By the way Frence as you can see in the map has a large part of geneva lake or lake Leman and controlling or not geneva that has nothing to do with the fact of owning the lake for themselves as the french already own other parts of the lake.


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