Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's!


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With the FNAF Halloween update finished and Scott moving on to the Five Nights at Freddy’s novel and the upcoming FNAF World, it’s time we look back and finally put to rest the original FNAF tetrology. We have all the pieces…but what are we missing? Scott Cawthon have us theorists some clues to go off of during our Five Nights at Freddy’s livestream, which led to new revelations and me to discover the clue that breaks the entire FNAF series wide open! Prepare to have your mind blown!

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  1. I thought something was odd about fnaf the paycheck description the pink slip the way the nights ended it was all a dream… That funny

  2. Me in 2014: Oh a new timelines
    Me in 2015: Wow it's all a dream :/
    Me in 2016: The animatronics have sisters?!?!
    Me in 2020: Is it coming to real life!
    Me in 2030: Haha noobs your all WRONG!
    Let's hope this comment stays on long enough for me to reply too when I'm older!

  3. It’s impossible for it to be a dream. You said it yourself that sister location was first of them all so how could that be a dream huh? U got a theory for that?!

  4. Oh my… this theory is still true possibly!!!! This is part of fazebear’s cover up …… if the games are just a sad child’s dream then who cares fazebear entertainment it great the only scary thing is a child seeing a employeetake off his head 🤯 that means these theory’s are still relevant….

  5. I’m UCN nightmare Fredbears line wen you die is: I will put you back together then take you apart all over again. so what does that mean to you theory’s??


    Me 2020:HA OK suuuuurrrrreeee now Mat fnaf 5 is not coming and it was a dream SUUUUUURRREEEE

  7. Maybe the reason mangle has 2 heads. Is because toe foxy looking head is just a mask while the more endo looking one is the rest of the actual endoskeleton. Just a theory


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