First Impression & Swatches = Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

MAKE SURE YOU WATCH ME IN HD (settings, quality & select 1080p HD)

– P.S I cant believe I didn’t see my eye lash was on the verge of falling off during this entire review haha idiot! Ill be using super-glue next time.
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Here is my Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks swatches 🙂
– RRP $26 NZD
These are a new gel formulated, technology (wax-free), with a full cover, semi glossy finish.

Product names:
800 Azela
810 Orchid
815 Sweet Pea
820 Petunia
825 Hydrangea
830 Rose
835 Primrose
840 Poinsetta
845 Peony
850 Iris
855 Geranium
860 Hibiscus
865 Magnolia
870 Tulip
875 Gladiolus
880 Marigold
885 Camilia
890 Dahlia
895 Poppy
899 Snapdragon



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33 thoughts on “First Impression & Swatches = Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

  1. hi dear, im using Revlon ultra hd snapdragon lipstick 899, but it is not available now..can u please me its dupe..pls…??😭😭😭

  2. Your eyes are a lovely unusual colour. And the make up in this video ; brows, base eyeshadow is all expertly applied.

  3. Amazing swatches, thank you. Could u list the products in the description in the order in which u hv swatched. Awesome.

  4. This lipstick is a big FAIL for me. I bought the geranium one and it has NOTHING hd about them. This lipstick is basically just a lip balm with pigments thrown in it. It managed to cling to the driest part of my lip even after proper exfoliation and moisturisation. Layering it on is a disaster, it looks "cakey' and the best part, it leaves residues of GLITTERS after fading away, YUP glitters. Regret buying it after watching this. I really wanted it to work. The color and smell is nice though but imma stick to my wet n wild lippies.

  5. I subscribed just because of your eye color alone! Dang, it's such a pretty green. You kinda look like Tanya burr. All these colors looked good on you by the way, I can pull off only the darker colors.

  6. I love the rose I have rose peony and a red one which I can't remember the name of but I love the formulas 👍👍👍👍👍

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