I’m so excited to share this piece of news with you guys! I spent 2 weeks in Seoul and represented my country, Singapore as Etude House’s Better Lips Talk Ambassador 💄 I got to preview all 60 shades and chose my favourite shade (PK003 Gentle Pink) as the MONG SHADE because it looks very good on Asians and suits most skin tone.

Can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on this very versatile and beautiful shade, PK003 GENTLE PINK ✨

Let me know what you think about the shade I’ve chosen for you guys in the comments box down below!

The New and Improved Etude House Better Lips Talk Collection will be available:
⭐️ In stores: 1st May 2019
⭐️ Lazada (Pre-Launch): 25th April 2019

⭐️ My Exclusive Set (On Lazada): 7th May 2019

All these would not have been possible without the love and support from you guys so I have a very special Promo to share!
👉🏼 Purchase a bundle of my TOP 3 lipsticks and get a 30% DISCOUNT exclusively on LAZADA from 7th May onwards!
💓 PK003 Gentle Pink
💓 BE101 Dancing China
💓RD312 Velvet Cold Red
You’ll also receive a colour card with all 60 shades to go with it.

– RED –
RD301 Thank U Tangmo Pan
RD301 Burning Fire
RD302 I’ll Ketchup
RD302 Oh Ruby
RD303 Lucky Kiss
RD303 Apple-ogize
RD304 Cherish me
RD305 Salvia Ruby
RD 306 Cold Red
RD307 Sunset Road
RD312 Cold Red
RD313 Wannabe Red

OR201 Retrose
OR201 Something Japan
OR 202 Mandarin Peach
OR202 Juicy Juice
OR203 Sugar Whip
OR203 Vintage Way
OR204 Burnt Carrot
OR204 Pink Muhly
OR205 Peach on Top
OR205 Dried Orange Tea
OR206 Captain Candy
OR206 Soft Persimmon
OR207 Orange Light

BE101 Soft lace
BE101 Dancing China
BE102 Darling Beige
BE102 Smoky Salmon
BE103 Kinda Nude
BE104 Ginger Cookie
BE105 Dusty Peach
BE109 Lovable Beige
BE119 Orange Bianco

BR401 Orange Brick
BR401 Wishy Washy Red
BR402 Love Rosy
BR 402 To Go Coffee
BR403 Plum Wood
BR403 Chilling Chilli
BR404 FRIGHT-ened Red
BR405 Muave On
BR406 Halo Halloween

– PINK –
PK001 Milky Berry
PK001 Lonely Pink
PK002 Smog Pink
PK003 Gentle Pink
PK003 Velvet Mood Up
PK004 Jewel Play
PK004 Wild Flower
PK005 Pink Fuchsia
PK006 Visual Center
PK006 Sweet Soda
PK007 Flamingo Land
PK008 So Cupid
PK009 Cosmos Road
PK010 Lady to Go
PK 011 Beet Power
PK 027 Fall In Pink
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  1. I came here to learn more about the Better Lips Talk swatches and reviews, but 85% of the video was on you repeating yourself or talking about how you picked this shade instead.

    The main part which were swatches (arm and not even lip swatches) was fast forwarded and over with so quickly. The review was also just a rather basic, generic review about it being hydrating etc which is barely different from what’s on Etude’s website as well…

    Not a hater. Just searched Better Lips Talk up on YouTube and this was one of the more disappointing videos with little value add, out of all that I’ve watched. It probably was rushed out to meet the launch date, but as a professional it doesn’t seem like a good excuse why there’s little effort put into the video planning.

    There was another where a Malaysian influencer who seemed to be at the same event did lip swatches for all the shades, and kept her introduction sharp and concise.

    Also I’m a Singaporean and not familiar with this influencer scene. But it was pretty cringe-y (for me at least) to keep hearing “the Mong shade” and how you picked it for Singapore so please support.. Ultimately shouldn’t these makeup review videos be less about yourself, and more about providing quality information and perspectives so viewers can make better decisions before purchasing?

    My honest two cents worth.

  2. I think you should slow down with the swatches, and don't swatch too many colors at once, cause you zoom out and put text on it, the colors are covered and not clear. The beige and brown swatches are much better than others, and worst are red and pink. I know I'm a bit picky but hope you find this helpful for your next vids.

  3. Oh Ruby is RD302 Mong! There's a little typo in your video edit 😆 Alsooo, can I just say the shade looks soooo perfect on you. You're totally rocking it omg 😍 CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT 😍😍

  4. This video could have been completed in half the time if you hadn't kept repeating yourself at least 3 times.

  5. Hello Mongabong! I'm SO proud of you representing Singapore! I absolutely loving the name and the colour shade of the "MONG SHADE" you had chosen! It's so GORGEOUS on YOU!👸😍 I can't wait to own one myself because i have very dry lips! Keep SMILING, PRETTY! 😊 LOVE YOU… 💖💖💖

  6. Love the colours! Wishing I could have all of them😩😍
    Hello Mong 💕 I’m from Malaysia 🇲🇾 and I love you , literally everything about you! Big big big bug hugs 🙈🙈


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