[Drugstore Legends] Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks Review


Check out all 82 shades of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks!

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  1. Maybelline's city heat bricks collection shade no 02 Madison red is exactly similar to Toast of New York

  2. Wine with Everything, Pink in the Afternoon, Toast of New York. All Classics.
    I am definitely going to get the ones you tried on.

  3. My fave Revlon lipstick is Rose Velvet in the creme finish. I wanted to grab that wine shade. Looks so good!❤️

  4. I have three of the Revlon matte lipsticks with the brushed silver casing when they first came out, a brick red one, vampy dark wine colored one and a delicate pink. You can tell which ones are the new matte lipsticks from Revlon also by the packaging- they have a black packaging that is slightly Matte and on the lid at the top of the lipstick there isn't the little see through window where you can see the color of the bullet like on the regular super lustrous lipsticks. thank goodness all the super lustrous Revlon lipsticks got rid of the awful fragrance they used to have in the 80s and the 90s when I first started wearing lipstick. It was awful, and I'm not even affected by scents. I just found an old stash of lipsticks from the 90s of the Revlon super lustrous, and the scent was very heavy I forgot about that.
    Please tell me what color lipstick you're wearing in the video it is lovely.

  5. I feel the same way about lipstick shades not only to go well with our skin tone but to also compliment our hair color too. One in particular is a sheer shade is Peach Parfait and wasn't feeling the shade at all so I exchanged it for Blushing Nude which I like better. To each it's own.

  6. I have both Blushed, and Smoky Rose and loved them both. I agree Blushed is great for an everyday look same with Smoky Rose, and Blushing Nude.

  7. I had a color similar to Black Cherry. The shade was Black Berry when I was 19. It got discontinued. It's been a while since I touched a Revlon Lipstick.

  8. Toast Of New York is one of my all time favorites since I first purchase it in 1995 when I was a high school sophomore. That shade put Claudia Schiffer on the map along with Naturally Nude which that shade has been discontinued. Toast Of NY came out in 1984 and still iconic.

  9. I love these because they have shades that have been around for decades. All the ones I own are reds. 😊 Really red (matte), Rich girl red (sheer), Certainly red (cream), Ravish me red (cream), and Love that red (cream). I believe the last three have been around since the 50's or 60's and I think that's awesome. I love retro red lipsticks.

  10. Your review videos are always so💖💖💖 thorough. I love your honesty 💚❤about the product .keep going😙 strong dear . U r amazing ❤😍

  11. I absolutely LOVE Toast of New York, it's a piece of the 90s I will always keep in my collection. I love Really Red (matte), and my nudes, Bare Affair (cream), and Mink (cream).

  12. I don't think I have ever bought revlon lipsticks although my mom has quite a few and I got one as a gift which I haven't tried yet. Will definitely give them a chance on your recommendation!

  13. Ahh!! I'm a lippie person and I cant live without lipsticks. I've used several Revlon lipsticks too, but not sure about the shades that I used. Definitely love the way it last long in my lips. Bdw, I'll try to check out those three creams, I like the shades 😍


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