DIOR 'ROUGE' LIPSTICKS: Review & Swatches | Jeffree Star

OH HI… I filmed this video last week before I dyed my hair darker! Who’s ready of another round of lip swatches?? Today I’m testing out DIOR’S new lipstick line ROUGE DIOR. I try out 6 of the matte shades and put them to the test! Are they worth $35???
My final thoughts: They wore for a good 4-5 hours before they noticeably started to fade! I touched up 6 hours later and after eating dinner! The formula is light weight and you forget you’re wearing anything… But I wish every shade had the same formula!! Something I hate: When some shades are amazing, while others flop… But sometimes pigments and formulas don’t always mix and brands have to compromise. All in all… I’m a fan!

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27 thoughts on “DIOR 'ROUGE' LIPSTICKS: Review & Swatches | Jeffree Star

  1. Dior was the first lipstick I ever owned. My boyfriend (husband now) bought it for me for homecoming years and years ago. It was a pretty red. I still have it (although I don’t use it anymore) I keep it for sentimental value

  2. “Its like navy blue! It literally looks black! Oh im so fucking dumb i didnt even look at the shade name. VISIONARY.”

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