Dior Rouge Dior Mini Lipstick Set Review and Full Swatches

Dior has come out with its holiday collection- the Rouge Dior Mini Lipstick Set which contains five of Dior’s most iconic shades- 999 Matte, 772 Classic Matte, 964 Ambitious Matte, 962 Poison Matte, and 434 Promenade. They are a little tiny and the only thing that I find annoying is that the tubes are not quite square but those are minor complaints. This is a great change to get five Dior lipsticks at a bargain of $10 each. If you love Dior lipsticks this is a great collection of lippies to add to your collection.

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5 thoughts on “Dior Rouge Dior Mini Lipstick Set Review and Full Swatches

  1. That red looks nice 😊. Do you like it on you ? Do you find the red looks pink or purple ? Looks like a nice , more yellow based red on your hand . That darn perfume thing . Why do they do that ? Yuck . Thanks for the review. You’re awesome 😊

  2. You could also read the lipstick colors before taking off the cover so you won’t have the issue of dropping the lipstick.

  3. I appreciate you trying to do swatches, but honestly, can you please roll the lipstick up a bit more and do one or two decent swipes? Perhaps on your inner forearm, rather than on the back of your hand? I'm sure if you were putting this on your lips, you'd use more pressure or do a few passes to get decent coverage. A swatch like you're doing is useless. No one can see what the color actually looks like.

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