Dior Lip Glow Collection – Swatches of all the shades including the new Matte and Holo finishes!


Dior has released six new shades, and two new finishes, to their Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm collection and I have the entire lineup for you with lip swatches and general thoughts. As always, please EXPAND for more details and thank you for watching!

Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm Shades
001 Pink
004 Coral
005 Lilac
006 Berry
007 Raspberry
008 Ultra Pink
101 Matte Pink
102 Matte Raspberry
010 Holo Pink
009 Holo Purple (seems to be a Sephora exclusive)

Chantecaille Compact Soleil St. Barths
Chantecaille L’Arbre Illumine Palette
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 #2
Earrings from Sabika (holiday 2017 exclusive)

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  1. If I had done a 2017 favorites the original balms would definitely have been on that list!! These are so, so good. I hope you enjoy this video and really appreciate you watching. (I'll try to keep track of what I fall in love with this year so I can do a yearly wrap up this time around!)

  2. Hi Jill thankyou for the demo! All of those shades absolutely suit you! I will absolutely be looking for one myself now such a wide variety I so love watching you ( you are so honest) can't wait for your next one Happy new year to you and your family ♥️

  3. Every time I put this glossy one on I could also keep applying for way too long also the sugar gloss like lip products keeps you doing it for way too long. I’m not sure which brand I like best

  4. They all look so similar on your lips. They’re all pinkish colors?? The Holo purple is Gorgeous in the tube when u showed it but on ur lips looks pink like the Rest. All way too similar to pay that much each imo. Tfs

  5. Hi Jill I know how much you like the dior 👄 lips
    I wanted to know if you have picked up the new hydra lip glows?
    The swarl ones😁! I went looking for the at Macy’s but the only have them
    on line.
    They look so cute! 👍🙋

  6. Very elaborative review. Thank you. I can only afford two but I want 4!!! T-T Would love to have matte pink and raspberry, and both holo.

  7. Jill, I love those earrings on you………..and yes, I'm about to purchase a Lip Glow, just can't make up my mind which one !!
    Thank you for a thorough review……….

  8. You look great in pink! I cant believe how many you have. I am so happy you do..it certainly helped me out. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Great review. I love this products and soothes my lips and makes them look popping and healthy. I just finished the lilac color, after watching you la mer lip glow review, I will give it a try to compare.

  10. do you know if ultra pink is limited edition? i really want to buy it but im contemplating whether to wait or not because i'm currently short on money.

  11. Anyone here has tried matte pink 101? T_T I just got one and it totally breaks my heart. Maybe it does not suit my dry lips. The finish isn't smooth and results in uneven color. should I scrub my lips before using it? sounds not good with a high-end balm like this.

  12. Hi Jill!
    The lip glow collection is completely new to me too! I tried the lip maximizer mid 2017 and I love it, have you tried it?
    I got the original and matte raspberry ones and also he pink holo one 🙂
    We got the weather bomb nonsense in Montreal, it was awful haha

  13. Great review, they all look gorgeous on you! I still can't decide which one I want because I liked all of them in your video!

  14. Great review! I bought Matte pink and Matte raspberry yesterday. These bslms have a great texture, and I feel they protect your lips and put up a moisture shield. Thanks for showing the rest of the volors. I eoll be buying more!

  15. I picked up the Holo pink the other day and really love 💕 it! Already received a compliment while wearing it 😊. The balm is incredibly rich for the winter and the sparkle is lovely for a more mature & elegant look! Dior makes incredible lip products! Xoxo 😘 Deb


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