Coronavirus Update: Europe Travel Ban, Tom Hanks, NBA Suspends Games – Day That Was | MSNBC

In an Oval Office statement Wednesday, Pres. Trump banned most foreign travelers from Europe amid the coronavirus pandemic. On the same night, the NBA suspended all games after a player for the Utah Jazz preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19. Actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson also shared they tested positive. Aired on 3/11/2020.
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Coronavirus Update: Europe Travel Ban, Tom Hanks, NBA Suspends Games – Day That Was | MSNBC


35 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update: Europe Travel Ban, Tom Hanks, NBA Suspends Games – Day That Was | MSNBC

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  2. Even worst case we don't need handouts from some government. We have family and community. And that's all we've ever needed.
    Ps cops judges mayors governors and so on are corrupt they the legal mob.

  3. Hahaha…flu shots don't work… wondering why a super flu developed… it's why I don't do flu shots…. It's the flu… thousands died during Obama rule… why's it worse? Has anyone figured it out yet? Media… it's worse because of the media

  4. BSNBC.
    45 million flu cases in the U.S. last year resulted in 45 thousand people dead.
    Corona virus casualties?
    Get a life main stream corrupt lying media!

  5. Ban all travel,internationally and locally, 10 miles from home or to the nearest medical center and only in emergency…

  6. Paying celebrities and famous people to yell that they have it and the majority who worship the “stars” find them credible. They are just doing their job… ACTING. I’m sure they used Tom Hanks, because he gives off this “nice man, innocent, wouldn’t lie to you” feel. But, those awake know what and who he is. He has been totally compromised to be at the level he is at as well as the rest of them being used to push this lie for a way bigger, HIDDEN agenda.

  7. Más bien sería cuándo acabará con la humanidad el COVID-19 Ya que es un virus microscopico y persona por persona será muy alentador mejor compren agua embotellada comida así estarán prevenidos para cuando también se acabe el agua potable y la comida por el exceso de población fue un gusto conocer La Vida.

  8. Tom maybe this is God's punishment for being pals with Epstein and staying at Pedo-Island. Maybe you and Rita can virtue signal back at Black face Justin Trudeau and his wife queeny.

  9. calm down people…the common flu kills more people. People catch covid-19 is much easier….that's the only difference but it is the same thing. Do some RESEARCH ON GOOGLE! don't panic…be smart as you would if someone had the common flu..

  10. Maybe all this is bogus maybe a meteor is coming our way really really really soon sooner than we think.⏳⌛😵

  11. Its the Orange Criminal turned Terrorists Biological Attack on the world! He hates humanity for laughing at him, so this is his way of getting even. "Infect them all" say's the terrorist! "Even the very sheep who worship me! Infect them all!" LMAO! Criminal insanity.

  12. THE Simpsons movie:
    "Hi, I'm Tom Hanks, the government has lots its credibility So its borrowing some of mine"
    Well played Simpsons.. Well Played…

  13. The media and channels like this try and strike fear into the people so they get more views. It’s atrocious.

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