Coronavirus: Day 1 of Malaysia’s lockdown | The Straits Times


Malaysia correspondent Trinna Leong gives the latest situation on the ground on the first day of Malaysia’s partial lockdown, which will lift on Mar 31.

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  1. Why is the male reporter looking so HSIEN ? How are they chosen as presenters? Are they civil servants ? Pretty damn unappealing. And why the female presenter? Do they work in perlis force?

  2. Where did you buy the pink pantsuit? Jezuzz!
    Instead of imposing complete shutdown of the causeway , how about locking down the mosque and removing the loudspeakers

  3. Anyone contracted the virus 14days from today shud not be given any medical attention for failure not complying to stay home directive.

    Let them die.

  4. If lockdown??? No money no eatlah.that is why government put "Restrictions of movement maa" .
    (Not lockdown!! ). I thinklah that girl needs husband better stay in the house eat together, no walk2lah your are bring more corona coronalah.

  5. Lock down all the gathering first. There are many not known and Malaysian taking it too lightly. Wuhan .Iran and Italy medical staff are all suffering. We may be like them soon

  6. Total lockdown is much better than partial lockdown .
    Only unknown idea of business gave idea to open certain factory.
    So now, lockdown down totally can prevent virus movement.

  7. hope this end soon . I want to go to school . SPM is in OCTOBER ! there's a lot of syllabus to catch up 🙁 , well , I do revision of the form 4 ( for biology , chemistry , physics , and addmath ) :((

  8. MELAKA on DAY 1 of Malaysia Restriction movement –>

  9. Aaayyyoo balik kampung ayyyooo balik kampung…….please no……..just stay where you are……tis what restriction movement order is…….

  10. Thousands are still unaccounted for hence the need for a movement control order.

  11. From Tokyo japan,hopefully all malaysians keep safe❗️
    I heard many of office,factory,shops,school,are going to be closed right now.
    Now in Tokyo,still keeps caution,not so dangerous.

  12. Coronavirus happening at Jan, why no block travelling?
    Now lockdown? Do a Full lockdown, bank close, public all close, only klinic open…. Before too late…

  13. It took more than a few hundred infection cases and 2 deaths for them to realise the severity of our situation. Good job to the geniuses that work in the government. Why was the gathering even allowed to play out. Absolute brainlets. And some even want to initiate a larger gathering to pray to god or something. These are the people who are trying to doom the rest of us.

  14. Tak Risau Covid-19, Tabligh Indonesia Anjurkan Ijtima’ Dengan Sasar 1 Juta Peserta

    Malaysia pun ada ikut jugak

  15. Its nor lockdown ffs. Its RESTRICTION. Movement restriction which means you need to restrict your movement and avoid crowded places and so.

  16. Please… Please… Help us those working in Singapore….We needs the checkpoint to reopen as usual…


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