SO excited for this new formula from colourpop omggg!! how are you guys liking it?! let me know down below👇🏼

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⋆ P R O D U C T S U S E D ⋆

just a tint lip crayons:

⋆ you can use my code “5JUDY” to get $5 off! not a commission code! for first time users only ⋆

⋆ time stamps ⋆
product info @ 0:54
review @ 2:25
lip swatches @ 4:54
favourites @ 8:54

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⋆ W H A T S O N M E ⋆

top ⋆ yesstyle

eyeshadow ⋆ run wild palette by tina yong x bh cosmetics
lashes ⋆ “boudoir lite” by house of lashes
lip ⋆ “z boys” lip crayon by colourpop cosmetics

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⋆ M Y G E A R ⋆

camera ⋆ Canon 750D
mic ⋆ Takstar SGC-598
edited on final cut pro x

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⋆ B A C K G R O U N D M U S I C ⋆

provided by epidemic sounds ⋆ ocean jams – spaced

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  1. Dragonfruit Duo 5:05
    The Strand-5:10
    Treasure Island-5:20

    Cherry Duo 5:43
    City of Stars-5:50
    Cutie Fruity-6:02

    Guava Duo- 6:23
    Chubby Bunny-6:30
    Maui Wowie-6:42

    Watermelon Duo-7:05
    Chimi Changa-7:10
    A Go Go-7:23

    Coconut Duo- 7:35
    Gimme S'more-7:46
    Cherry Pickin-7:55

    Peach Duo-8:15
    Rise n Shine-8:30
    Z Boys-8:42

  2. I’m curious to know how long you actually wore these before filming this review? This product leaves my lips extremely dry the day after wear. For reference, I have never had a problem with my lips chapping in the past. I bought the full set based off your review and I have never experienced the dry lips that I now have from this product. Wish I would have done more research before purchasing because people left reviews with the same issue on colorpops website.

  3. this reminds me of the Revlon just bitten lipbalm. I am curious to try these colourpop ones, I just love the shade range so much.. ^_^

  4. This is so helpful! I was worried it wouldn’t show up on my pigmented lips but since I am the same skin tone as you, I feel like these are pigmented enough. I’m so glad you show how easily it applies as well, it really made me feel more confident about whether I should give the product a try.

  5. Judy they do close with a click sound. I remember Kathleen pointed this out. She said they close with a click sound when you press the lid too hard. Just wanted to inform you coz I don't want you ruin your bag or anything just in case the lid opens. Lol 🙈❤

  6. Thank you for making this! I've already seen a few reviews of this product, but their skintones were no where near mine. Like for me, bright hot pink looks terrible on me, but better on paler complexions. So basically thank you lol

  7. Cost: 17 aud to 12 usd

    Wow, swatches start at 4:55, that's too long to wait.

    All the colors are very pretty on you.

  8. My favorite shade is gimme s'more too!
    All the colors look nice on you, I wouldn't be able to pull off the light pink tints

  9. Thank you for disclosing that the items were gifted to you! I love that you model that transparency 💛
    I had the same favorite shades as you did 😊

  10. The colors look gorgeous on you and we actually chose the same favorites lol.

    Also, I know summer is about to end but it’d be nice to see more lip product lines incorporating some SPF into their products and not just SPF in chapsticks. It’d really be a win-win protecting your lips from the sun while keeping them looking nice with some color.

  11. Another recommendation for the gimmie s’mores color is also Madeline in the NYX butter gloss line! Just a recommendation in another form but it’s not sticky at all and lightweight. the lip glosses have been my favorite for a long time and I just recently found the color and it’s just like gimmie s’mores and it’s so pretty ;))


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