[Behind the Scenes] The cost of dreams and gravity of choices | Extracurricular Featurette [ENG SUB]


How far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams? Netflix Original Series Extracurricular explores the real cost of dreams, the weight of bad choices, and the irreversible consequences that come with them. The fresh faces at the center of the story—Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Ju-hyun, and Nam Yoon-su—take us through the shoot process and share how they portrayed their characters.

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  1. This drama is the most amazing school drama. It's not typical at all and mind blowing. I really enjoyed it. Season 2 please!

  2. I really enjoy this drama, like when you watch the first episode you keep watching and watching until the end. And yes I finished it in a day, i think in 12/13 hours. Because the drama really good, and I can relate with the environment that they had.

    And I really that they will be season 2!!

  3. Even though this drama is popular these days, but I think that this drama is still underrated…more people should watch this..

  4. GREATTTTTTTTTTTT…. DRAMAAAAA… Just feel pity for whoever people out there who just want to rely on dubbing if they want to watch foreign movie or drama……… REALLY WANT Season 2 for this…

  5. One of my favs. They’re all very young and have so much talent. Can’t wait to see what else they do in the future

  6. One thing i know is we all still love Bae Gyuri even after everything she did, idk why i can't hate her lol park joohyun will be big in the industry for sure

  7. You know why webdrama now become more popular? Coz actually they have a great potential actor/actress to grow. Thats why i never watch drama or film because of the actor but the story first. Not related to this drama but its just because i know dong hee from webdrama and now the actor and actress from webdrama also become more popular. Ofcourse because they are talented! 😉

  8. it’s sad to say but I doubt there is going to be a season two. twisted series like these won’t mind leaving viewers on a little cliffhanger. it’s BARELY a cliffhanger either because we can infer that Gyuri and Jisoo run away together and somehow find stable ground to continue with their lives, hence the little hermit crab being fed water in the end (someone is taking care of it)

  9. I finished this drama the day after it was released and it was incredibly filmed and put together. The actors made a perfect storyline come to life and you really felt the fear and sadness they each went through. Great Job Extracurricular Team ❤️

  10. Damn! I just finished this series. I can't believe this is a K-Drama!! Since it's original Netflix, I hope they have something for Season 2.
    Park Ju-hyun acting is so damn good. Kim Dong-hee will be a huge star someday. Min-hee character is anoying bitcchhh.

  11. An AMAZING drama. Wonderful writing, direction and acting. Kim Dong-hee is a star in the making.He is a young actor that really gets into character and can really take on edgy type roles. Boy, he’s great! Park Joo-hyun is wonderful too. Their relationship is so believable. I loved the series as it made me think about a lot of stuff. The whole cast were very good. An award winning drama. I loved the series.

  12. The series is perfect, it is the best Korean series I have seen so far, it is unique. Each character is amazing and so is the story, I hope it gets a lot of recognition and that South Korea is freer to do series like this. Please season 2 !!


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