ADAM! SOLSKJAER SCHOOLED PEP! Manchester United vs Manchester City FanCam

Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City and Solskjaer schooled Pep again with a tactical defensive masterclass says Adam. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here

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39 thoughts on “ADAM! SOLSKJAER SCHOOLED PEP! Manchester United vs Manchester City FanCam

  1. I always say to give the man the tools and let him do the job. See what he can do. Now Ole is winning. He needs more transfers. We will be fine. Look at Mourinho, he is losing. Ole loves Manu. And he is passionate about the team. I believe in giving a man a chance while allowing him the tool/players with transfers.

  2. Leave wOle out of this, better players spurring on brighter performances against the bigger teams. Look at the run in in the context of the season and it starts to look tricky… But today, WOW.

  3. We are finally a strong team after beating MC. Bruno's pass and Martial's finishing are superb. Bruno enlightened the whole team and every player is an individual asset. We fans finally enjoy watching MU's games. Looking forward to another victory.

  4. Schooled pep. But pep is having his worst season at any club… and is still 12 points ahead of man u with a game in hand…

  5. Seriously how many balls Maguire given away today. William was exposed has to ran back to defend at left. Defence is average. Just lucky City is less motivated.

  6. Jesse Lingard MOTM. Followed closely by Pereira, both did outstandingly well for staying well away from the pitch on a match day.

  7. Love watching these interviews just to watch the wanna be TV stars hovering in the background trying to look inconspicuous. That bloke with the goatee was doing my head in 🙂

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