Hello, #CHAYANGS! 💖
Yup, 60 shades no less (but, brace yourself for another 40 more to come!) They only cost RM48 per lipstick and you can get it engraved/personalized in-stores for FREE! Don’t forget to check out #EtudeHouse #BetterLipsTalk range in stores and online now!

Lazada: goo.gl/ARPqEz
Hermo: www.hermo.my

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3. Pick one shade out of my top 10 favourites below & tell me why you’d like to win it

1. PK003 (Velvet) Mood up (the Malaysia 🇲🇾shade!)
2. RD301 Thank U Tangmo Pan
3. PK003 Gentle Pink
4. RD303 Apple-ogize
5. OR203 Vintage Way
6. BE101 Dancing China
7. RD313 (Velvet) Wannabe Red
8. BE105 (Velvet) Dusty Peach
9. OR204 (Velvet) Pink Muhly
10. BE103 (Velvet) Kinda Nude

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★ PINK ★
01:46 PK001 Milky Berry
01:57 PK001 (Velvet) Lonely Pink
02:10 PK002 Smog Pink
02:21 PK002 (Velvet) Mink Pink
02:33 PK003 Gentle Pink
02:46 PK003 (Velvet) Mood Up
02:57 PK004 Jewel Play
03:10 PK004 (Velvet) Wild Flower
03:22 PK005 (Velvet) Push Fuchsia
03:34 PK006 Sweet Soda
03:44 PK006 (Velvet) Visual Center
03:56 PK007 Flamingo Land
04:08 PK008 So Cupid
04:20 PK009 Cosmos Road
04:33 PK010 Lady Go Go
04:46 PK011 Beet Power
05:00 PK027 Fall In Pink

05:13 BE101 Dancing China
05:25 BE101 (Velvet) Soft Lace
05:39 BE102 Smoky Salmon
05:51 BE102 (Velvet) Darling Beige
06:04 BE103 (Velvet) Kinda Nude
06:18 BE104 (Velvet) Ginger Cookie
06:30 BE105 (Velvet) Dusty Peach
06:43 BE109 (Velvet) Lovable Beige
06:55 BE119 (Velvet) Orange Bianco

★ RED ★
07:07 RD301 Thank U Tangmo Pan
07:19 RD301 (Velvet) Burning Fire
07:30 RD302 I’ll Ketch Up
07:41 RD302 (Velvet) Oh Ruby
07:54 RD303 Apple-ogize
08:06 RD303 (Velvet) Lucky Kiss
08:19 RD304 Cherish Me
08:30 RD305 Salvia Ruby
08:42 RD306 Cold Blood
08:54 RD307 Sunset Road
09:05 RD312 (Velvet) Cold Red
09:17 RD313 (Velvet) Wannabe Red

09:29 BR401 Wishy Washy Red
09:40 BR401 (Velvet) Orange Brick
09:51 BR402 Coffee To Go
10:03 BR402 (Velvet) Love Rosy
10:14 BR403 Plum Wood
10:26 BR403 (Velvet) Chilling Chilli
10:38 BR404 (Velvet) Frightened Red
10:51 BR405 (Velvet) Mauve On
11:03 BR406 (Velvet) Halo Halloween

11:17 OR201 Something Japan
11:28 OR201 (Velvet) Retrose
11:42 OR202 Juicy Juice
11:55 OR202 (Velvet) Mandarin Peach
12:08 OR203 Vintage Way
12:21 OR203 (Velvet) Sugar Whip
12:34 OR204 Burnt Carrot
12:47 OR204 (Velvet) Pink Muhly
12:59 OR205 Dried Orange Tea
13:12 OR205 (Velvet) Peach on Top
13:25 OR206 Soft Persimmon
13:38 OR206 (Velvet) Captain Candy
13:50 OR207 Coral Light

FTC: This video is sponsored by Etude House.

Nguồn: https://hethongvinmart.com

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  1. For some reason, YouTube kept deleting my replies to the winners so I would have to announce them here!


    RD301 Thank U Tangmo Pan – Sabrina Lee
    RD303 Apple-ogize – Tan Kat
    RD313 Wannabe Red – Cranky old Lady2
    OR203 Vintage Way -Sam M.
    OR204 Pink Muhly -Wendy Leow
    BE101 Dancing China – Sara Chan
    BE103 Kinda Nude – Sarah Ismail
    BE105 Dusty Peach – Yi Xin Tan
    PK003 Gentle Pink – Nana Dyana
    PK003 (Velvet) Velvet Mood Up – Jaynie Fung

    Please send in your full name, IC, phone number and address to hello [at] charisow [dot] com via email!

  2. Your watches are so good, really appreciate on-lip swatches. I hope you'll include hand swatches next time too, cause it's easier to compare colors that way. Great job!

  3. I've been subscribe to your channel for a long time ago ✔️and have followed your Instagram too✔️ and ofcos Etude house 🇲🇾 IG✔️ i would like to have💕 BE105 (Velvet) Dusty Peach 💕 cuz i LOVE the colour so much OMG and i think that colour suits me well, i love it and i love u🤭🤗💕♥️

  4. Hi Charis thanks for the amazing effort to show us all the shades! I have never tried nude shade before and really hope to try out BE103 kinda nude. It looks so naturally and not too pale .

  5. I would like to win this giveaway OR204 Pink Muhly because I don't have this colour of lipstick and of course wish to give to my mum to try

  6. I would love to win the shade BE105 (velvet) dusty oeach because it is the colour that is suitable for my skin tone.I want to win this because I watch you swatch all the colours and your lip doesn’t look dry at all.I have a dry lip so, it’s a plus for me.Hope to win this giveaway..Thank youuuu❤️❤️❤️

  7. I want to win because I don't have lipstick like that, and I want to have it. I want the Velvet Beige BE109 Lovelable color

  8. I would like to win this giveaway because i don't have any lipstick yet and i think want the mood up shade(pk003-velvet) because the shade look so preety&natural.if i win this giveaway i can wear it for my graduation day.thankyouuuuuu😄

  9. I really hope that luck would be with me because all shades of this lipstick collection are so beautifully created and i really want to own them! 😍 My favourite shade within the top 10 shades is BE103 Velvet Kinda Nude as I adore no makeup makeup look and imo this shade will absolutely suitable and gorgeous to create the look..thank you so much for the swatches!! Really help me to choose the suitable shade for me..💜💜 사랑해요 #etudehousemalaysia #charisow

    IG ID: sarahelfisya


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