5 Best App Docks For Windows 10


5 Best App Docks For Windows 10

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Tired of having a messy desktop? want to tidy it up? why not use one of these cool app launcher docks.

free dock for windows 10

1. Rocket Dock

2. Winstep Nexus

3. Circle Dock

4. XWindows Dock

5. Launchy

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  2. if i wanted windows 10 to look like a fucking apple i would have bought a mac, and whats up with the bloody task bar ?

  3. I am surprised you know Launchy. I am using it for years. So simple and yet so effective and fast. I don't think there are many people using it and it hasn't been updated for ages.

  4. Thanks for this. Just to add here is a one similar to Launchy called Listary. I think it's one of the best launchers out there and making the daily workflow super efficient. Have a try.

  5. docks, themes? windows loves linux now, we may see different distros, winjaro, winbuntu, maybe even winmint, perhaps mircosoft may even open the source code, or am l just dreaming. the thing l dont like about docks, its either in the way when you dont need it or hidden when you do need it, l put the icons l need on the task bar

  6. Object Dock is only for Win 7 and 8. Some people can use it on 10, but it's not optimized for it. I use the Nexus dock. Free version gives you one dock, paid version gives you 2 docks. It's the same as Object Dock but with a lot more options. Object Dock is a legacy app where as Nexus is always being updated.

  7. Honestly, apart from launchy, all of these seem no better than using the default windows dock. In fact, I'd argue they make it worse, because the default windows dock will still exist simultaneously. Just adds a layer of complexity.

  8. Launchy, not sponsored by Clippy.
    ”It looks like you’re trying to open a program. Would you like help with that?”

    Sorry, that’s the first thing that popped into my head when I heard Launchy.


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