20+ Shu Uemura Red Lipstick Lip and Arm Swatches! (feat. RD163)


Hi babes, we are swatching 20+ #ShuUemura #redlipsticks today, including their gorgeous new iconic shade #RD163 in lacquer, satin and matte textures.

I group the #RougeUnlimited shades by texture and #lipswatch them in order from warm to cool, so hopefully it helps break things down for you guys.

0:52 RD163
1:47 texture comparisons
3:05 Shu Uemura color numbering system

3:47 Lacquer lip swatches
5:02 Satin lip swatches
7:13 Matte lip swatches
[ERROR: do note I marked M RD156 as a neutral shade when it’s more of a cool-neutral!]

8:59 final thoughts
11:24 arm swatches

A few shades overlap into the coral, brown, pink and berry categories because of the other colors they are mixed with. The commonality is that they all contain majority red pigments. Now there’s no excuse to not own a red lipstick since pretty much everyone can find something that suits them.

Neptunica – Aphrodite (from The Arcadium)
FREE DOWNLOAD: the-arcadium.net/

Ikson – Sunshine

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  1. Thank you very much, we have got shuemura, and I don't get enough with this system (and our consultants too🙈), now I will be easier to go to this corner. 🙏🤩😍💗💞💖


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