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So Shopmissa came out with their own cosmetic line and these are their $1 liquid lipsticks. You know I had to get my hands on these! So here are some pros and cons on these bad boys. There are 24 matte shades & 24 metallics. I bought all the mattes & 2 metallics since I wasn’t sure how I would like them but they are nice! So I showed me swatching them so you can see the payoff and streaking plus how each shade looks on my complexion.

-color range
-mattes & metallics
-lightweight (no stiff lips)
-easy to apply
-some have good pigmentation
-doesn’t rub off easily

-some are streaky/patchy
-have to go into tube a few times for enough product
-takes a while to dry down
-red/orange/dark colors leave lip stains
-cant really be build up when drying it can clump

So overall it honestly depends on what shade you get and the texture of your lips. Some may go on smoother than others. Still think they are a steal and I really like them. For ONE DOLLAR! 👌🏾


BOUNCE & LITT would look better with a black lipliner underneath since they are more on the streaky side. Also forgot to mention each lipstick comes with a corresponding lipliner that may make the lipstick pigment better. IDK I didn’t purchase them because they didn’t look pigmented online but I may buy them now in my fav shade color.

If you have an questions leave them in the comment section. Hope you guys enjoyed this video.


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  1. I know this is lipstick swatches video but I can't help staring at your eyes lol they are so pretty ! Oh and your brows are also on point! 😀

  2. Seriously Jasmin … what Camera are you using to film this video …. I can see every pore on your lovely face lol … so clear …. best cam I've seen on YouTube so far. Thumbs up. UK

  3. I've been researching Shopmissa I dont know why your video didnt pop up when I was looking I'm SUBSCRIBED?!?! Thanks for the video. <3

  4. Thank you for this video!!! You're amazing! Totally know what I'm getting now. Was a bit confused of what to get. I'm a brown girl so now I know what I'd like! 💓💓

  5. I ordered bounce, litt, drama, tease, and unicorn
    They were shipped yesterday and I CANNOT WAIT till they get here!😍

  6. Its so weird because some  of these looked like exactly the same color. ShopMissA is selling a 12 piece set for twenty dollars so I'm glad I watched this! Thanks

  7. it's crazy how good these looked.
    To think that people actually spend 30 bucks on a liquid lipstick when this one is a dollar and decent.
    These definitely aren't perfect.
    but high end has no right to charge you that much. if this brand can make something similar for a freaking dollar.
    A good middle ground for me is something better quality but still cheap. wet n wild, Milani and nyx have amazing liquid lipsticks. Nothing beats it in my book.


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