【SUB】Trailer: "Real Life Barbie Doll" Dance Mentor LISA "人间芭比“舞蹈导师LISA | Youth With You 青春有你2| iQIYI


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  1. i know that most of you are praising her beauty but can we talk about how Lisa is such a loving mentor, how she really felt the struggles on the other trainees and told them how it would be rough but they shouldn't give up on their dream. we really need someone like Lisa in our lives 😭💝💖💗

  2. This chapter is not out at iqiyi yet right. I only get chapter 1 . Until the selection of teams . Did anyone else get more episode. Pls tell me thanks

  3. How many times I watched this episode. It's the same feeling Im about to cry and being so proud to our Golden Maknae achieved and living her dreams 😭💜💜. To all the trainess fighting 💪 praying also that all of you will attain each goals and dreams very very soon. 😘

  4. I cried because of Lisa experience imagine she been trained for 4 years under YG until she make it in BLACKPINK one of the best girlgroups in the world. She the most famous overseas and international.


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